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2014-2016 WWAM PROJECT


We believe your donations will be God's response to a horrible reality.

Project Goal


The $500,000 will be used to...

  1. Restore and enlarge current facilities which will include a training facility for staff
  2. Train staff who will work with the children that are rescued
  3. Purchase 2 vans for transportation for the El Shaddai Rescue Home
  4. Create an endowment for business for creating monthly support income for the rescue home

01 Light in the Darkness

  1. Build El Shaddai Rescue Home in India
  2. The home will specialize in rescue, protection, and care of exploited and high-risk children.
  3. Provide funds for a training facility
  4. Become a light to South Asia by raising up missionaries from those that are rescued
  5. India is home to Maratha, an Unreached Peoples group (UPG) of 45-60 million people. Only 15,000 (2%) of this group are known to be followers of Jesus.

02 Fast for Light

Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free . . . ? (Isaiah 58:6 NIV).

Sandra Kay Williams, International Women’s Director, is asking every one who will to fast one, two, or more meals every Tuesday for the duration of our 2014-2016 WWAM project, OPERATION FREEDOM.

Money alone cannot shine light in the darkness to those that are in human trafficking and those that traffic humans. Only the power of God can change the hearts of those who are enslaved and that enslave and traffick children for money!

03 Freedom Facts

The El Shaddai Rescue Home will be located two hours from Asia's largest slum, Mumbai, India.

There are over 200,000 persons that are trifficked into, within or through India every year.

Only 10% of human trafficking in India is international, while almost 90% is interstate.

Click here to donate to the Operation Freedom Project.

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2012-2014 WWAM PROJECT

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