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It is a pleasure for Women’s Discipleship to partner with quality ministries and websites. The following recommended ministry and organizational websites are listed to assist local Women’s Discipleship groups. If you have a suggested website that has been helpful to you, please submit it for consideration by emailing it to

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Resource Links

  1. Church of God

  2. Pathway Press

  3. Inspiration Pop 2929 Movie

  4. Church of God World

  5. Girls Ministries

  6. Smoky Mountain Children's

  7. Iris B. Vest Widows Ministry

  8. Peniel Ministries

  9. Second Life of Chattanooga

  10. Be A Voice

  11. New Hope Pregnancy Care Center

  12. Pure Hope

  13. Ladies for Life

  14. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  15. National Breast Cancer Foundation (English)

  16. National Breast Cancer Foundation (Español)

  17. Morality in Media

  18. Global Day of Prayer

  19. Church of God Prayer

  20. The Presidential Prayer Team

  21. Care Ministries

  22. Operation

  23. Men/Women of

  24. Ministry to the

  25. Faith News

  26. Central Screen Printing

  27. Wholesale Accessory Market

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