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Women's Discipleship Order Forms

The following media files can be downloaded for use in placing orders. You may make copies if they are solely for personal or individual church use. You may not reproduce or distribute copies to others, in whole or in part, whether or not for a charge, without prior permission from Church of God Women's Discipleship. For more information please call Women's Discipleship at 423.478.7170.

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Order Forms English and Spanish

Monthly and Quarterly Reporting Forms

Instructions: Click on the link under the image of the Order Form format that you wish to download. The image will open in a browser window. For the JPG format right click (Mac users click and hold) on the image and select "save image as."

The PDF format interacts differently according to the web browser that you use. File save, works on most browsers. (On my Safari and Firefox browsers I have a save icon or a download icon to choose from for saving the document to my system.)

Order Form ENG JPG Order Form ENG PDF

Women's Discipleship Order Form
English - .jpeg

Women's Discipleship Order Form
English - .pdf

Order Form Spanish JPG Order Form Spanish PDF

Women's Discipleship Order Form
Spanish - .jpeg

Women's Discipleship Order Form
Spanish - .pdf

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