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Women's Discipleship Covenant Sisters

Covenant Sisters is the USA missions emphasis of International Women’s Discipleship. Four Covenant Ministry Teams (consisting of all states and regions) are established for the purpose of empowering team members to concentrate resources on specific ministry projects including:

Leadership Development
Ministerial Training
Church Planting
Strengthening of Existing Churches
Women’s Discipleship

The focus of the covenant is encouragement, prayer and kingdom building. The primary goal is to provide opportunities for affirmation, networking, fellowship, encouragement, bonding and personal support for all women within the leadership of the Covenant Ministry Teams.

Covenant Sisters Share Statement

S Sisters
H Hand in Hand
A Assisting with
R Relationships and Resources
E Encouragement

Covenant Sister Team Leaders

Peggy Culpepper Pic Joyce Stephens Pic Fernanda Ramirez Pic Deborah Childers Pic

Peggy Culpepper
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Culpepper Covenant Team

Joyce Stephens
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Stephens Covenant Team

Fernanda Ramirez
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Ramirez Covenant Team

Deborah Childers
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Childers Covenant Team

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